1. Mobile Input Types


    Latest HTML5 mobile input types to help improve the experiance and accessibility of your mobile apps and websites.

  2. javascript - Invoke native date picker from web-app on iOS ...

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    11/16/2012 · Invoke native date picker from web-app on iOS/Android. Ask Question. up vote 73 down vote favorite. 32. ... XPages mobile web application ; input time with ...

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    HTML5 tests - inputs. Back to the index. Spec. This page tests the new input values of HTML5 in mobile browsers. ... <input type="date"> <input type="datetime">

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    HTML5 for the mobile web – forms and input types. February 8, ... Date input type as implemented on Opera Mobile for Android, ... Mobile Design; Web Publishing;

  5. jQuery Mobile Form Input - W3Schools Online Web Tutorials


    jQuery Mobile Text Inputs. Input fields are coded with standard HTML elements, and jQuery Mobile will style them to look attractive and easy-to-use for mobile devices.

  6. - HTML | MDN - < input type="date "> - Mozilla Developer ...


    input elements of type date create input fields allowing a date to be easily entered — this includes year, month and day, but not time.

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    Remember how easy it was to select a specific date from an HTML input? ... Fixing Date Inputs for the Mobile Web. Share. Ionic 2: Fixing Date Inputs for the Mobile Web.

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    Learn how to use the new HTML5 input types to make it easy for mobile users to enter data into your web forms.

  9. HTML DOM Input Date Object - W3Schools Online Web


    The Input Date Object is new in HTML5. autocomplete Sets or returns the value of the autocomplete attribute of a date field autofocus Sets or returns whether a date ...

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    I am designing a web form optimised for touchscreen mobile browsers, one of those fields is a date of birth entry. On the web form it is currently split into 3 select ...